Takanobu Kobayashi

1960     Born in Tokyo, Japan

1986     Graduated from Aichi Prefectural University of Fine Arts

1996     Awarded VOCA’96 Encouragement Prize

            Stayed in Bangkok, Thailand for one year with the grant from Agency of Cultural Affairs, Japan 

1998     Stayed in Lot-et-Garonne, France for three month under Art Scope ’98, Gas-cogne Japanese Art Scholarship

1999     Moved to Bangkok

            Awarded Encouragement Prize, Heizo Kanayama Commemorative Exhibition, Hyogo prefectural Museum of Art, Hyogo

2002     "Toward a Place with Light-Takanobu Kobayashi” was published by Nihon Keizai Shinbunsha 

            Set up a studio in Tokyo

〜2011  Live and Work in Bangkok and Tokyo

2012〜  Live and Work in Kanagawa


Solo Exhibition
1985  Love Collection Gallery, Nagoya1989 Gallery Q, Tokyo

1990  Gallery Q, Tokyo

1991  Ichikawa Gallery, Tokyo

1992  Gallery Q, Tokyo

         Suikatou, Tokyo

1993  Galerie Pousse, Tokyo

         Galerie Den+Floor2, Tokyo

1994  AKI-EX Gallery, Tokyo

         Suikatou, Tokyo

1995  Galerie Pousse, Tokyo 

1996  Nishimura Gallery, Tokyo

1997  Silpakorn University Art Gallery, Bangkok

1998  "Bangkok" Nishimura Gallery, Tokyo

         "Seventy Five Days" Muse des Beaux-Arts dyユAgen, Lot-et-Garonne France 

         "Seventy Five Days" Spiral Garden, Tokyo

1999  Daimler-Benz showroom, Tokyo

          "Seventy Five Days"Nishimura Gallery, Tokyo

2000  "Recent Works 23" The National Museum of Art, Osaka

         "The Drop of Heat" Bangkok University Art Gallery, Bangkok

         "The Drop of Heat" Nishimura Gallery, Tokyo

2002  "Dream, dreaming us" Nishimura Gallery, Tokyo

2003  "TOWARD A PLACE WITH LIGHT" Kumanokodo Nakahechi Museum, Wakayama 

         "On the beach" Nishimura Gallery 

2004   "Kobayashi Takanobu -Drawings for 'Rabbit and Trumpet'" Nishimura Gallery

          "Takanobu Kobayashi -Endless summer" Meguro Museum of Art, Tokyo

2005   "Kobayashi Takanobu -Behind the Picture" Osaka Seikei University, Faculty of Art and Design Gallery Space B

          "Looking for Utopia: Beyond the Imagination" The Niigata Bandaijima Art Museum

2006  "Mono to Kokoro" Nishimura Gallery

2007  "From submarine to portrait" Nishimura Gallery, Tokyo 

2008"  Far Light" Nishimura Gallery, Tokyo

2011  "Dream Dream" United Nation University Tokyo

         "Dream, Dreaming us" 100 Tonson Gallery Bangkok
         " Takanobu Kobayashi " Gallery Tamura, Hiroshima 

2012  "New Print Show by Takanobu Kobayashi" KIDO Press, Inc. Tokyo

2013  "Two seconds before dreaming" Nishimura Gallery, Tokyo 

2014  "Kobayashi Takanobu Dream, dreaming us" Yokosuka Museum of Art, Kanagawa

         " Takanobu Kobayashi " Gallery Tamura, Hiroshima 

2015  "New Works" Nishimura Gallery ,Tokyo

2016  " Takanobu Kobayashi " Gallery Tamura, Hiroshima 

2017  "Special Exhibition for the publication of the limited book by KOBAYASHI Takanobu" Nishimura Gallery,Tokyo

         "Dream, Dreaming us" Gallery Kashiwa,Rokkatei,Sapporo

2018  "TAKANOBU KOBAYASHI" Nishimura Gallery, Tokyo

2019  " EAT " 100 Tonson Gallery,Bangkok,Thailand

​   "Balance" 100 Tonson Gallery,Bangkok,Thailand

​2021  " Takanobu Kobayashi " Gallery Tamura, Hiroshima 

2022  "Cloud and Shadow"  Nishimura Gallery, Tokyo


Group Exhibition

1992  "TAMA VIVANT '92" shibuya SEIBU Seed Hall, Tokyo

1995  "Mito Annual '95―Discover Paintings; works & language" Contemporary Art Center, Art Tower Mito, Ibaraki 

1996  "VOCA '96" The Ueno Royal Museum, Tokyo 

1997  "ART SCENE 90-96" Contemporary Art Center, Art Tower Mito 

1999  "Painting for Joy : New Japanese Painting in 1990s" The Japan Foundation Forum, Tokyo and tours (-2002)

         "Noontime Meditation, Contemporary Japanese Art having Inner Sight" Tochigi Prefectural Museum

2001  "In Search of FORM - 11 Japanese Artists" Pusan Metropolitan Art Museum 

2002  "Mediators" Nagoya Citizen's Gallery Yada 

         "Power of Art" Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art 

         "SEPTEMBER 2002" Nishimura Gallery 

2003  "MOT Annual 2003 'days' " Mueum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo

         "DOMANI 2003" Seiji Togo Memorial Sompo Japan Museum of Art, Tokyo

         "ART WATCHING part2" The Miyagi Museum of Art 

         "KOMOREBI" Contemporary Art Gallery, Art Tower Mito, Ibaraki 

         "SEPTEMBER 2003" Nishimura Gallery

         "12 YEARS OF ART SCOPE" Hara Museum of Contemporary Art 

2004  "Light" Nishimura Gallery

         "VOCA 1994-2003 Exhibition of winner's works of 10 years" Ohara Museum of Art, Okayama

         "New Works by Five Artists<Nishimura Gallery 30 Years>" Nishimura Gallery

2005  "Adventure at/of the Museum" Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art

         "Sight-cruising" Marugame Genichiro-Inokuma Museum of Contemporary Art, Kagawa

         Looking for Utopia - Beyond the Imagination" The Niigata Bandaijima Art Museum

2006  "Enjoyable House" Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art

         "Japanese Contemporary Art 1950’s-2000’s from the collection of Takamatsu City Museum of Art" 
       Takamatsu City Museum of Art

         "This 20 of 20 years Arts" Museum of Contemporary Art, Sapporo Hokkaido

         "A MUSE LAND 2007 Beautiful Dreamer" Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art

2007  "DOMANI of the art of tomorrow 2007" Seiji Togo Memorial Sonpo Japan Museum of Art

         Vital Signs - Reality of nine contemporary artists" Yokosuka Museum of Art, Kanagawa

         "2007 Heyri Asia Project-Japanese contemporary Art Festival" Heyri Art Valley, Korea

         "Fireworks in Art ?from Hiroshige to the present age" Iwaki City Art Museum, Fukushima

         "Art Move 2007 <Iwakuni> To the future of embodiment" Sifonia Iwakuni, Yamaguchi 

2008  "The 30 th Anniversary: Collection of the National Museum of Art, Osaka" National Museum of Art, Osaka

         "Horizon of Contemporary Art - Each Horizon" Tokyo Station Gallery

         "Neoteny Japan contemporary artists after 1990’s from Takahashi Collection" Kirishima Open-Air Museum, kagoshima 

         "Animals is contemporary art Many animals!! What? Art?" Towada Art Center, Aomori

         Collection of Ohara Museum of Art" Citizen Gallery A, 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa

2009 「The Power of Paintings: The Magic of Pigments」Musashino Art University, Tokyo

        「In the Little Playground “Hitsuda Nobuya and his surrounding students”」Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art

        「Close your eyes  “present of seeing”」The Museum of Modern Art,IBARAKI 

2010 「Garden of Painting “Japanese Art of the 00s”」The National Museum of Art, Osaka

2011  "Tenth Anniversary of the Gunma Museum of Art Tatebayashi:

         Ten Years of the Collection-Harmony Between Nature and Humanity" Gunma Museum of Art, Tatebayashi

         "The Art of Attractive Animals" Yokosuka Museum of Art, Kanagawa 

         "Cafe in Mito 2011" Contemporary Art Center, Art Tower Mito, Ibaraki

         "CATCH THE LIGHT" Nagoya/Boston Museum of Fine Arts 

2013  "New Year New Works" Nishimura Gallery ('14) 

         "Re:Quest Japanese Contemporary Art since the 1970s" Museum of Art, Seoul National University 

         "Ohara Contemporary" Ohara Museum of Art, Okayama 

2014  "Nishimura Gallery 40th Anniversary Exhibition" Nishimura Gallery 

         "GROUND" Satellite Gallery of Aichi University of the Arts 

2015  "Takahashi Collection Mirror Neuron" Tokyo Oera City Art Gallery 

         "40 Years plus" Nishimura Gallery 

         "Exhibition of Peko" The Hiratsuka Museum of Art, Kanagawa 

         "poem by painter, paint by poet" The Hiratsuka Museum of Art and toured 4 museums(-'16) 

2016  "A Concise Guide to Life with Japanese Conremporary Art" Takamatsu Art Museum, Kagawa 

         "Horizon That Appears Out of The Sleepy Woods" Stephen Friedman Gallery, London 
         "GROUND2" Musashino Art University Museum ,Tokyo

         "OPEN WEEK" Tokyo Station Gallery ,Tokyo
         "GROUNDα collaborative drawings" NADiff Gallery, Tokyo 

2017  Collection1 " Imaginary garden "  Itami City Museum of Art, Hyougo

         "The Cosmos of the Takahashi Collection" Contemporary Art Museum Kumamoto,Kumamoto

         "Tree of Life"  Vanji Sculpture Gaden Museum,Shizuoka

         "The Gretest Story Ever ToldーThe Collection curated by Ryan Gander " The National Museum of Osaka,Osaka

         "Where is your Ceramic?"  Musashino Art University Museum & Library,Tokyo

         Collection Exhibition Special Feature “Forms of Light / Scenes of Light”  Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art

         "GROUND a collaborative drawings " NADiff Gallery,Tokyo

         “Kakegawa Chaennale”  In various places in Kakegawa city, Shizuoka

         DOMANI・PLUS × Hibiya Library and Museum "Artists meet Books, Book as Trees, Libraries as Forest" Hibiya Library and Museum,Tokyo

2018 " The Myriad Forms of Visual Art: 196 Works with 19 Themes" The National Museum of Osaka,Osaka

2019 "What was "new figurative"? Around the New Figurative Painting in the 90's" Parplume Gallery, Kanagawa

        "Aichi Art Chronicle 1919-2019" The Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art,Aichi

        "NISHIMURA GALLERY 45th Anniversary New Works" Nishimura Gallery, Tokyo

        "What do you see when you look at pictures?" Tochigi Prefectural Museum of Fine Arts,Tochigi

2020 "The Seed of M", MUJIcom, Musashino Art University Ichigaya Campus, Tokyo

        "Scenes of Light and Life – Works from the Collection", Contemporary Art Center, Art Tower Mito, Ibaraki

        "MOMAT Collection", The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo
        "Meiji Jingu Forest Festival of Art ", Meiji Shrine Museum, Tokyo

        "New Work, Tokyo 2020 Summer” NISHIMURA GALLERY, Tokyo

        ”SURVIVING", PSG ART GALLERY, The Faculty of Painting Sculpture And Graphic Arts,Silrpakorn University, Bangkok

        “LIFE – Our Life in the Covid-19 Crisis", The Meguro Museum of Art,Tokyo

        "Sleeping: Life with Art - From Goya and Rubens to Shiota Chiharu", The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo 

2021 "Like an Island Afloat on the Water—Twenty Years at Gunma Museum of Art, Tatebayashi " Gunma Museum of Art, Tatebayashi, Gunma

        "September 2021" NISHIMURA GALLERY, Tokyo

2022 "Sunset/Sunrise"  Toyota Municipal Museum of Art, Aichi

      "The National Museum of Art, Osaka Collection 100 Years of Contemporary Art"​ Hiroshima Prefectural Art Museum, Hiroshima

        "The Collection of The National Museum of Art, Osaka 100 Years of Contemporary Art" Oita Prefectural Art Museum,Oita

​        "50th Anniversary Collection of Tochigi Prefectural Museum of Fine Arts" Tochigi Prefectural Museum of Fine Arts, Tochigi




・ The Japan Foundation

・ Silpakorn University

・ Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art

・ The National Museum of Art, Osaka

・ Tochigi Prefectural Museum of Fine Arts

・ Gunma Museum of Art, Tatebayashi

・ DaimlerChrysler Foundation in Japan 

・ Kushiro Art Museum, Hokkaido

・ Contemporary Art Center, Art Tower Mito, Ibaraki

・ Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo

・ Ohara Museum of Art, Okayama

・ Takamatsu City Museum of Art

・ Aichi University of the Arts

・ Vanji Museo the Sculpture Garden Museum, Shizuoka

・ Tokyo Station Gallery

・ The National Museum of Modern Art,Tokyo

・ Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art, Hyogo